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Noorani Qaida

This is a basic course where a child learns to recognize the letters of Arabic and basics of Tajweed.


Quran with Tajweed

After completing Qaida, a child is ready to recite Quran with Tajweed, with learning 10 surah by heart.


Juzz Amma

In this course students memorize complete Juz 30, or part of it as per their needs.

Other Courses

Download free eBooks


A Concordance of Quranic Topics PDF

The book is a concordance of some major topics in the Noble Quran. The verses of each topic were cited under the title. The book is available in three languages. There are two volumes of the book containing different topics of the Holy Quran.

Manzil - Selected verses of the Holy Quran

Manzil is selected verses from the Holy Quran. These are actually prayers of the Holy Quran. These prayers are famous among Islamic scholars. Reciting them everyday gives protection and cure from evil possession, Jins and magic in Sha Allah.

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